“Do not let your hearts be worried.  Trust in God, trust also in Me.”

This Weekend at Dearborn Covenant

Palms, Donkeys and Ancient Prophecies
Sunday April 5, 9:30 – 10:30am

Join the 9:30am Sunday School as we study Palm Sunday and Passion Week: How Jesus’s triumphal entry fulfilled ancient prophecy, and why we can believe what the New Testament writers reported, especially about the resurrection of Jesus.

Join on Zoom by clicking the following link:

Study of Galatians: A Tale of two Women
Sunday, April 5 at 3:00pm

Led by Sam, our study of Galations continues on Sunday afternoon. Prepare by reading Galatians 4:21-31.

Join the Zoom Meeting at 3:00pm by clicking the following link:

or join by phone: 312-626-6799

Young Heroes
This Sunday is Palm Sunday!  Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
Even in the midst of having to stay inside our homes and not playing
with our friends. Click for the Young Heroes Program, April 5

This week’s preschool scripture is Acts 26:29.  Click the following link for more information.

Click for the Preschool Program, April 5


Come Join us Every Sunday at 10:30am

Or come at 9:15 to join our children’s and adult’s Sunday School meetings.

Note: Due to the current recommendations, we will not be meeting in person this weekend.  Updates

We are located at 18575 West Outer Drive

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Dear English Students

We are closed with the Dearborn Public Schools. When they open again, we will open.

Please do not worry. Follow the health recommendations of our government.  We care for all of you, and are praying for you.
We will be so happy to see you each again, after this potential  illness passes our community.