Do Faith and Reason Go Together? Yes!

τέλος = Telos

Sundays, 9:15-10:15am in the church library

5:30-7:30pm in the library or the Union of UM-Dearborn

Start a Conversation

Interested in discussing this intriguing subject? We invite you to meet up either in person or by some electronic means. We are eager to meet you and have one or more intelligent discussions. Click the Contact button on the far right to initiate a conver-sation. This leads to a google form where you can share your contact info and take an optional survey.


Explore the Revelations of All The Prophets and the Apostles in Scripture

If you already believe in divine revelation, dive into the sacred texts of scripture with a know-ledgeable guide, Rev. Scott Cherry or another member of our church, male of female. Whatever your current beliefs are, we invite you to exper-ience divine Revelation for yourself in the Bible through the dual lenses of Faith and Reason. To request a personal one-on-one or small-group study, visit this website and click the button, or by another means listed. Whatever is the most comfortable for you is ok with us. Or, click the Telos button on the lower right to see just one version of an outline that shows what our custom study could look like. 

Get the book

Order The Reason of Reason on Amazon (kindle or paperback). Or request a free copy by sending an email to You can read sample chapters by clicking the second button that leads to a website containing them. There’s no way to lose. 

Visit “Telos”

Telos is Greek for end goal, or purpose, and also meaning. So that’s what this class is about. Are you a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, or a member of some other religion?  Whatever your belief system, we will accept and welcome you. We will consider and discuss your beliefs at face value. The same is true if you are an atheist or agnostic. You still have beliefs, even if they are things that you don’t believe. Maybe you grew up with religious beliefs but now you doubt them, or you’ve lost or abandon them. That’s pretty com-mon. The prevailing skepticism of the university is not going to help you integrate your reason and your faith, but my friends and I can teach you how and show you the evidence.

Telos meets every Sunday morning 9:15–10:15 and Sunday evening 5:30–7:30. In our casual meetings we explore the conjunction of faith and divine revelation using your God-given reason, your heart, and your mind. To discuss this in more detail I invite you to call or text me, Scott Cherry, at 313.485.7153. Or just click the button below to see a model syllabus that we usually follow this semester.