Ministry Groups

Young Heroes – for children ages 0 and up

Children of all ages can join classes Sunday morning at 9:15 and during the sermon.  We believe that even the youngest person in our church family can love Jesus and  start following Him.  More information

Youth Ministry

Youth can join us at 9:15 every Sunday morning for a Bible study.  Some of our youth also meet on Sunday nights at a home.  More Information

Men’s Ministries

Our men meet weekly on Monday nights for study (7pm) and accountability (8pm).  Call Sam Alvarado at 313.510.1516.

There is also a blog at

Women’s Ministries

Our women’s ministry team helps connect women with each other with a view toward growing in the Lord together.

We currently meet every other Saturday over brunch for a time of prayer and fellowship.  Contact Donna Basala at (313) 804-6894 for more information.


DEMO is a young adult group that meets every other Sunday after church for lunch. Some of the topics discussed include meaning, purpose, truth, scripture, revelation, God, Jesus, living your faith and more.

Training and Study

The Institute of Lifelong Learning

Do you want to grow in your understanding of Christian theology, thought and apologetics?  Join us at 9:15am in the Institute of Lifelong Learning.

For those college age and older, we have added a second Sunday morning study based on John 17:17. “Your word is truth: Grabbing on to life change through the truth of God’s Word” will be an integrated Bible study on the nature of truth vs relativism, the essential notion of God’s truth in scripture (Ps. 199:43), Christ as truth personified (John 14:6), and applying specific truth to our lives that that produce sanctification (holiness).


Apologetics for Evangelism is a monthly series of classes focused on learning apologetics with a view at reaching the lost.   More Information