4 thoughts on “Abide in Me

  1. Pastor Johnny, I have had rough go of it and your sermons have sustained me greatly.
    My 2 older sister put my father in a nursing home and changed the keys to my childhood home while I was away in Chicago. I have had (2) 16 inch rods put in my back after taking the original 6 inch rods out, everything was re-done, I have a confirmed diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, ( I expected this one) , and am on 2 medications to treat those symptoms for now, but am heading to U of M soon. I just had my 2nd neck surgery Monday; they replaced my c7 to c5 plate with one large plate from c7 to c2. I have no self pity, my faith in the Lord is strong, I have no worries, my faith in the Lord is strong. I made a decision after all of this junk is somewhat under control, that i am not just going to be a Johnny ear voyeur over the internet and I will dive into your Church, full fource, just not head first…..LOL There is too much precious metal up there now. I really did face 4 spinal surgeries and 2 seizures on ventilators, along with Parkinson’s, without any fear whatsoever. Your ministry and people in your congregation are a big part of that…your friend in Christ….Gil

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